New World Research Journals (India)

Submission Guidelines for the Authors

Authors can submit original and unpublished full-length articles/research papers not exceeding 5000 words, adhering to APA style (see attachment) with a certificate that the article/research paper is original and unpublished. The articles may be empirical or non-empirical studies, survey based research or theoretical studies. Apart from these, book reviews are also encouraged to submit.

(1) Format/ Physical Structure of the Research Papers/Manuscripts:

Authors are requested to follow the following guidelines in the format of their research papers:
(i) Title Page
The title page should include:

  • Full title of the paper: a concise and informative title./ Times New Roman font, size 14, bold; Centre alignment,
  • Name and affiliation of the author (s) with e-mail address and mobile number.
  • (ii) Abstract
    Furnish an abstract of 150 to 250 words along with 5-7 Keywords. The abstract should not contain any undefined abbreviations.

    (iii) Main body of the paper
    Manuscripts should be submitted in MS-Word (doc format in Word 2007 or higher). All submitted manuscripts must be in Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12, Line spacing: 1.5 line and justified. Quotations of two to three lines should be used in the running paragraph with proper references. Long citations should be indented without changing the font size, and space of a line should be provided above and below. Heading, sub headings and illustrations should be well incorporated within the main body of the article.
    Tables and Images:
    Tables should be in MS-Word. Figures and images should be clearly visible. Further, authors shall mention ’tables and figures’ description and numbers in increasing order.
    (iv) References:
    Authors should note that a list of the referred books, journals, articles, new papers, website and other sources must be mentioned in the end of the paper under the template references. Strictly follow APA style. Don’t use foot notes, use end notes. Authors are requested to read the citation guidelines thoroughly while preparing it.
    Note: For the convenience of the author, a sample Manuscript Templates with all templates has been uploaded here. (download the MS-Word article template here). For descriptive and non-empirical research, authors can choose independent manuscript templates for body of the paper.

    (2) General Manuscript Guidelines:

    (i) Language, Style and Citation:
    Authors are requested to strictly follow the APA style for citation in the main body of the text and references of the research papers. The language of the paper should be English.
    (ii) Length of the Research Paper:
    The word-limit for Research paper is 3000 - 5000 words inclusive of Abstract and references.
    (iii) Declaration of Originality: Manuscript submitted should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. All submitted manuscripts must be accompanied with a declaration that’s The paper entitled ’’the submission is original research work and does not contain plagiarized material. The paper has not been published or sent for publication anywhere else.’’ The declaration should be followed by the author’s full name or signature with date.
    (iv) Plagiarism Alert: All submissions should be original. Authors are advised to follow strict academic ethics. The editors will not be responsible for any lapse on the part of the contributors. Plagiarism report of the Research paper duly checked in plagiarism software like Viper, Turn it in etc. must be submitted along with the submission of the manuscript.

    (3) Mode of Submission:

    All manuscript must be submitted by email to in MS-Word attachment accompanied by a brief bio-data of the authors. Submission must be in a single attachment. In the subject line, the name of the journal must be written.